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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  June 17, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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standard, comprehensive agreement that the globalal trading system is looking to us to develop. deve >> they claim the british intelligence service conductedcs theer surveillance during summi meetings in 2009. 2009. the united states directed similar efforts at russian communications as well. well but become here at washington, foreign spool policy analysts wl tell you that the dangers forerr the obama administration. at the same time they are trying to build credibility among allies, the snowden scandal scal threatens to undermine thatundee credibility n the g-8 has been a joke, it has been a joke for years. >> reporter: the new leak with puts the obama administration further on theon defensive with its own allies. >> this isn't leading from behind, because we're not leading. this is being reactive. we're getting criticized we'recr going to do something. the notion that we're leadin les laughable. >> reporter: so far serious
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allegations leveled by edward ed snowden are no laughing matter for the white house.fowh it could face in the coming days. made as soon as tomorrow we could be getting more about the dozen terror attacks that the nsa says were prevented throughd the monitoring program. nsa director keith a an der is s set to testify tomorrow. the man leaking about the u.s. surveillance programprogram answered questions online todayi about the scandal. he defended himself in the live web chat. the truth would come out whethet he was jailed or killed. killed. the session sponsored by the guardian during the chat, snowden saidd that president obama said he would end such national security abuse, but instead failed to to fulfill his promises.omises. snowden has been in seclusion since the june 9th report. 9 he is believed to be in hongg
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kong but his whereabouts is unknown. apple received up to 5,000 0 requests from law enforcement for customer date a up to 10,000 accounts or devices were specified between december 2012r and may 21st of this year from federal, state and local ll authorities. the investigation was for both r criminal and national security matters. the survo surveillance scandal. online apps to encrypt cellypt phone calls are there's now at least a half dozen company promising to keep your messages they all claim it their app makes it difficult for others to monitor private communication. , it would take all of thete world super computers put together, 44 years to break the encryption of one message. >> i think what a lot of peoplee don't realize is that the fbi fb and spell generals agencies hav a lot of capabilities to hack into computer systems and theyty can use that ability right now
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to eaves drop on people even iff they're using encryption. >> the apps work with texting,x, e-mails and video conferencing.e meanwhile an irs official admitted to scrutinizingng applications from the tea partyt but claimed she didn't know the groups were conservative she. was fired on friday.ay. she is an advisor at d.c. who reviewed dozens of applicationss it contradicts initial claimsais bit association that the the cincinnati a office was the solely responsible for mishandling application. app women may start training as army rangers in 2013. navy seals a year later. the new rules require women andd men to meet the same physical ph and mental stades to qualifyquiy along front line position assits cross all military lines. they are investigating what at the call a murder-suicide. the bodies of a man and a woman were found in an apartment aptmt
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building up seminary road and falls church. that is where we find bob barnard now. >> reporter: the crime scenemee is in the 21st floor floor apartment here at the skylineine towers apartment. now a man who says he was in his 19th floor apartment in the community's north tower says he heard five or six gunshot comino from the south tower just before 10:00 a.m. he says he also heard a woman screams after the shots were fired.d. we're still waiting to find out the identity of the victim andmd her killer, who police sayy apparently shot himself after ar shooting her. investigators not indicatingt what may have triggered the deadly violence.olence. >> the homicide investigatorse are on the scene and they're the conducting interviews as we speak. so hopefully we will learn more as the day goes by. >> terrific. it's terrible. it touches home too closely when you're three floors away fromaw what ha it's two towers and it happened on the south tower where i live.
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it was frightening and unfortunate, too, of course fors the woman. >> we're still waiting for the e names of the victim and herher killer and their relationship to each other. police say there's no threat toe the community and no report of there having been calls to this apartment before, brian? >> bob barnard tonight. still have ahead, virginia governor is under fire depend. what new spending records reveal involving your taxpayer dollars. later what happens when a hp man comes face to face with a deer. not pretty. gary. >> reporter: thanks a lot brian. few thunderstorms coming up out there. hey, scott. hopefully 3 squeeze it, the nationals will be without denar and the latest on bryce harper's recovery. the and the spurs in a close out opportunity in the nba finals, thanks for a one third of the spur's three. t if you have an idea call us
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or send us an e-mail at anncr: competition makes us rivals.
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a new report finds virginiav governor bob mcdonnell misused taxpayer money. they billed for personal items,, like body wash, dog vitamins and a detox cleans.eans. once it was brought to their attention, the mac mcdonnells pd the money back but they are th paying for more items. they are currently investigatint whether the governor violated the gift and disclosure laws fos his daughter's wedding.wedd today judith salerno was appointed to a position by the charity's cofounder. brink willy spend
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they just released the relead investigation into america's worst charities. ch check this out. 50 are in our own backyard. the charities made the list tha were based in towson, alexandria, and spring falls church. the worst charities are rankedrd on money blown o on soliciting i costs and how much money makesy it to the charity. what happens when you get aa little too close to a deer inden the wild. a man went knuckle to knuckle with the animal and it looks like the animal won. 
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in a story a trip across tha u.s. maze made it to the t d.c.
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region. the first solar power plane that can fly by day and night. 12 ho12,000 solar cells providee energy. during the day the plane is sun bathed to recharge the batterie so it can fly at night. >> going to need a lost sunshini to power that thing.t t >> not as much sunshinene tomorrow. i don't think, i think we have more in the waive cloud cover ce and then showers and and thunderstorms, but just give it one day and then it will come right back out wednesday, wednes thursday, friday, it looks like through the weekend, and force through, it's only monday, so, o things can change. c we do have a thunderstorm that has really intensified and really blown up in southeast d.c. as you were looking back in thah direction and things looked darker, we will show you that at sentinel radar. r highs today, warm, and 86 ford 6
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the city, we had a southerly wind all day, blows across the potomac, i think it keeps it cooler.cooler. dulles 87, and bwi marshall with light there at 88. at 88 everybody was real close. 82 now here in down. dulles 87, still manassas 88, 8, culpeper is off of their high a little bit.ttle they're sitting at 88, and 85 for fredricks during frederickse water. this is what you get when i hava added the humidity, it feels fe warmer in town.rmer in it feels like 90 for culpeper,c, and fredericksburg is warm too, 87 in baltimore. it feels like it's 87 degrees, e and a little humidity making itt feel like it's in the middle thm 80s for annapolis. isolated thunderstorms out thers for the o next couple of hours. once the sun comes down, thattht will all go away. it will still be warm at at 9:00 right around 80 degrees, aa few clouds for 11:00, we look at radar now. this is current picture for you,
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and there's a few storms close to philadelphia, hopefully thes will stay south, and the nationals got to play up there p this evening. thunderstorms farther down along 81, 64, there's a flash-flood f- warning right now for charlottesville, we're seeingvi more popping up t fauquier along 66.fauquier a as we lozoom in for you, i wantt toe hotoshow you this little stm how it has blossomed in the southeast and it's gettinging stretched down to the south and down to the east.e we're getting a little rain inrn the district all the way across beltway, upper mar marlboro, cap springs, and places like that th getting on the action. a we pulled this out, there's ath lot of thunderstorm activity, most of it is away from here,re, primarily south and southwest. a few showers and thunderstormsm up along i-95, close to philly.. close to new york city, and theh we will watch occasionally, maybe isolated thunderstorm thud picks up closer to home.home
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hey, let's do this again, weagae will zoom right back in here, there's the storm and how it's t been blossoming up in the last 30 to 45 minutes or so.. 71 overnight tonight, so it'sso going to be fairly mild here in town, out in the suburbs, subu temperatures tonight will bell down to the 60s, we may have ay little bit of fog forming in spots. i don't think it's going to be a widespread thing, but we will w have spotty fog early in the morning, 81 for a high in gaithersburg, 83 for a dulles, 85 for frederick, it will callla for the same 85 degrees in town and it looks like tomorrowtomorr afternoon into tomorrow evening it looks like we will have thevh showers, and thunderstorms possible, a few foggy spots early, a spotty shower, not out of the realm of possibilityibily early tomorrow for first couplee of hours right around sunset. sunny breaks by noon and some of that sunshine will help help determine just how much in waita of shower and thunderstormrstorm activity we actually have ha tomorrow afternoon, and if we we get a lot of sun, we could have some of these thunderstormss actually become strong and maybe
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even a couple of them become severe, winds being the primaryy issue out of those thunderstormm tomorrow. once we get through tomorrow. we get a little refreshing airer mass come through here. h a lost humidity gets pushed away. temperatures will only be in the upper 70s, to lower 80s on on wednesday ask thursday and thurh is the 21st, it's first dayfirs of summer. su we may even have a summer thunderstorm friday afternoon and friday evening. for the weekend, it will feel summer-like as we get closer to 90 degrees for the latter part of the weekend. >> coming up another case of history repeating itself as phil mickelson comes just short at another u.s. open. sports is coming up with theup h sports edge. [ male announcer ] the new subway® $4 lunch is for everyone.
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time for sports, i'm jack
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smith, good news for brian harper, and the nats. n after an example, harper has hap been given the go ahead to resume strength training andtran begin the jogging on the recovery left knee. meanwhile the nats visit phillyl squaring off against former nats pitcher. a chance to rest his bruised right foot.right atop of hisses foot against the indians. something he has done three done times. he says something is wrong withh his swing. the good news is he is expected to be back in the lineup tomorrow. last night the game five of the nba finals, the definition of the spurs, and making its firsts start of the season and made the most of it, just ask the heat, e the first shot of the game. gam. he played 33 minutes, delivering on the arsenal of floaters andad finished with a season had i 24 points and a 114, 104 he is not the only reason, butr one of the big reasons for the nba fines.
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>> we all knew how important the game was, we needed a win, we couldn't do go to miami. we needed to win both games, great opportunity to one win away.ay. >> he has confidence in himself that he should just continue too compete. that is what his old career and tonight he played his best gamee this a while, so it was obviously, very helpful.helpl. >> well, it was another hearthet wrenching u.s. open finish for phil mickelson despite a little magic. jumps his way to an eagle two, but there was half a dozen putts that didn't fall.. and justin rose capitalized onon this birdie putting the pressur on phil to birdie the finishing hole which happened to be a to beast of a par 4.par he shot his third shot was stil short of the grain hoping for a similar result to what he did on ten, but he runs it about a foo
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wide to the cuff examine with -- and with that justin rose claims his fist u.s. cup no doubt hard to swallow. >> it's very heartbreaking. this could have been a really big turn around for me in how i look at the u.s. open and the tournament that i'd like to wino you know, after having so many good opportunities. also playing very well here, and really loving the golf course, this week was my best opportunity. >> an opportunity on his 43rd birthday, no less. that's sports. brian. we go to shawn yancy for a look at what is coming up tonight. a woman w alking ask stabbed at a quiet d.c. community,co reaction from neighbors and wha police want you to know. after he disappeared, police are still looking for jimmyy hoffa, where they are focusing his search now and why this may be the biggest lead yet.
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spying insida great find inn old house wall that is worth aa fortune. at cue weather seven-day forecast, and over the next 7 days it's going to go up andand down. tomorrow we start off with somee clouds. we will end up with some showers, and thunderstorms andtt the temperatures tomorrow willwl be right around 85 degrees on s with a little bit of sunshine, f some of those thunderstorms inos the afternoon and the evening will be of the strong variety. maybe even a couple of those ths thunderstorms about go severe, we will have a few showers, but, only a few on wednesday, becausy we are going t, o have a changee air mass, we will be a lot cooler, a lot less humid on wednesday, and thursday, and as we get to friday, which 71st da1 of summer, well, it's going tog feel more like summer, wouldn'tt you know it.t. >> brian. now you have the news edge. of course the news is always on back here tonight at 10:00, andd the news at 11:00. keep it right here. tmz on t.v. is coming up next.
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bryce, quick press conference then home. hey look! it's all-star bryce harper. oops, sorry. bryce harper: hey buddy, there's no crying in baseball. any questions before we get started? any questions not about my shirt? v.o.: you know what else is nice? saving money on car insurance with geico. geico. see how much you could save. [captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on "tmz." >> ok, big news, kim had the baby, finally. >> saturday morning, kim kardashian had the baby. the baby was five weeks early. >> was kanye in the delivery room? >> yeah, he was there the whole time. >> can you


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